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  WARNING!! EXPEDIA is a  highly organized company that scam travelers. They use different tricks to keep your money without providing the services you pay for. Tell all your friends and relatives before they are scammed by this company.  

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Victims EXPEDIA travel fraud scam Flights Ticket Customer service code E-ticket  Problem Issue Trip

Very Important: Expedia keeps scamming people...

Recent Victims Of EXPEDIA unethical and criminal bussines practice


   Article about EXPEDIA in by Sasa Milosevic Posted on 06/25/2011

This website is a shame for EXPEDIA, for all EXPEDIA partners (for making business with a scammer) and for all EXPEDIA investors (for investing in a scam). 


  FAQ and their answers to better know a scammer and inform people. (This table was sent to EXPEDIA for corrections. No response)




  Question Answer


1 Who/what is EXPEDIA? People know EXPEDIA as an online  travel agency that allow travelers to book online flights, hotel rooms, cars, vacation packages, trip insurance and other things related to travel and leisure.

In fact, EXPEDIA fits the description of a criminal organization that scams people by disguising as a reputable online travel site. Although in its beginning part of EXPEDIA business might have been completely legitimate and honest they are now highly organized to scam people and they indeed do that. This website exists only because EXPEDIA lied and lied and lied to try to steal 1254.95 U$D from my credit card.



Where are they based?

In Bellevue, Washington. Bellevue is  French for "Beautiful View" but is now known “home of the scammer”.


Expedia Headquarters:
Mailing address
3150 139th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98005
Main switchboard: 425-679-7200


For the complete list of Expedia international site (addresses, phone numbers and e-mails click here). Be aware that in some countries EXPEDIA charges for your call to their customer service.



Is EXPEDIA honest

NO. They lie to their customers



Is EXPEDIA reliable?

NO. Once they charge your credit card you are on your own.



Can I change a flight after I book online with EXPEDIA?

YES. But you might be able to pay awful charges (be careful of hidden fees)). They might also use it to scam you.




Can I trust EXPEDIA?

Definitely NO.



Can I trust other companies related to expedia (partner)?

Apparently not. This is the list of Other Companies Owned by EXPEDIA (or Partner sites). Before use them, search Google or Yahoo for ,e.g,  " Complaints" or "ticketmaster complaints"  - 100 Orlando Spots - Big World Trips - Boston Hotelliers - - - - Entertainement - Evite

Gifts - Hip City Hotels - Hotwire - HSN - Improvements Catalog - Lending Tree
Match - Real State - Reserve America - San Francisco Hotellier - Shoes
Ticketmaster - - -

Some other companies are also doing (or had at some point)  business with EXPEDIA.


 Amadeus  - AirTran - Avis Budget Group Barcelo Hotels & Resorts - - - Budget Rent A Car - CanJet - Carlson Hotels Worldwide -  Continental Airlines - Cornell Center for Hospitality ResearchCruiseShipCenters International -  Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) Diamond Resorts International(R) Estonian Air FINNAIR - Freeborders  - Hainan Airlines - Hilton Hotels Corps. - HERTZ - Jin Jiang  - Jumeirah Group  - Lonely Planet Hotels & Hostels - Maggiore Rent Marriot - Mexico's Secretary of Tourism - National Football League Red Lion Hotels Corporation Sabre Travel Network SAT - SAS Scandinavian Group - Sofitel Hotels  - Sol Melia Hotels - TAPC Terrapass - Virgin America - NY Times - United Nation Foundation - Visit Denmark -  Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s (WMT) Sam's Club division - World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism Your Africa -


I will recommend also to be extremely careful when using these companies whatever product they offer. I won't be surprised if some of them are already scamming people. If they make business with a scammer you cannot expect anything good. It is difficult to believe that these companies are not aware of EXPEDIA's dirty tricks to scam travelers. If they prefer to make some bucks by establishing a partnership with a scammer, they might no be honest. Just be careful. Some of them might be also victims of expedia (they might be honest ) but their reputation is already ruined for trying to make some bucks.

How did EXPEDIA convinced the Mexico's Secretary of Tourism to sign a partnership with them? Are Mexicans Authorities  just  naïve? Are they corrupt? Did EXPEDIA bribe them? Does anyone have a clue? Send us the info.

The same questions to the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research . How a reputable US University ended up signing a partnership with a scammer?


Send (and expose) more expedia's partners at:

If any of these companies wants to update, confirm or deny the relationship with the EXPEDIA scam send us an e-mail.





Can I contact EXPEDIA executives?


Will they help if a problem arise with their customer service?




Artistic picture of EXPEDIA (submited by another victim of EXPEDIA).


YES, you can waste your time.  You can find online the names of the entire board of directors  but only the  e-mail addresses  and phone numbers of few of them like :


Paul Brown (Currently at Hilton Hotels)


(425) 679-7200

Chief executive


Dara Khosrowshahi

Chief executive officer

(425) 679-7200


You can send e-mails to them but they will never answer if you have a problem with your travel. (Read a letter send to them: )

They are not helpful at all. They will simply ignore you. In fact, by ignoring customer complaints these directives are supporting the scam and one can conclude they are responsible of expedia unethical and criminal business practices. Below is the list of the board of director of EXPEDIA. The degree of reponsibility in the scam of each of them  is not known. We could only find the e-mail address of some of them. When we try to conctact them by e-mail they never responded.


This is the full list of EXPEDIA Inc executives. The link in the name will open a new window to their biography (in an official expedia site). Learn about the education and previous work of them. How do they ended up working for a scammer?

The Expedia, Inc., Board of Directors

Barry Diller (Chairman & CEO, InterActiveCorp)

Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO, Expedia, Inc.)

Victor A. Kaufman (Vice Chairman, InterActiveCorp)

A. George “Skip” Battle (Chairman, Fair Isaac Corporation)

Simon  J. Breakwell (Retired Executive, Expedia, Inc.)

Jonathan L. Dolgen (Principal, Wood River Ventures, LLC)

William R. Fitzgerald (Senior Vice President, Liberty Media Corporation)

Craig A. Jacobson (Partner, Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller, Hoberman, Newman & Richman, L.L.P.)

Peter M. Kern (Managing Partner, InterMedia Partners, LP)

John C. Malone (Chairman, Liberty Media Corporation)


The Expedia, Inc. Corporate Management Team

Barry Diller (Chairman & CEO, InterActiveCorp)

Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO, Expedia, Inc.)

Michael Adler  (CFO, Expedia, Inc.)

Paul Brown (President, Expedia, Inc. Partner Services Group President, Expedia North America)

Pierre Samec (CTO, Expedia, Inc.). NEWS: Appointed President of Hilton Hotels Corporation on Nov-2008. Is Hilton turning to the dark side? Does Hilton Knows Mr Brown supported a scam when president of EXPEDIA?

Burke Norton (Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Expedia, Inc.)
Connie Symes (Vice President, Human Resources, Expedia, Inc.)

Dhiren Fonseca (Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Expedia, Inc.)

Gary Fritz (Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Expedia, Inc.)

Audrey Lincoff (Vice President, Corporate Communications, Expedia, Inc.)


The Expedia, Inc. Business Unit Management

Paul Brown (President, Expedia, Inc. Partner Services Group President, Expedia North America). NEWS: Appointed President of Hilton Hotels Corporation on Nov-2008. Is Hilton turning to the dark side? Does Hilton Knows Mr Brown supported a scam when president of EXPEDIA?)

Dermot Halpin (President, Expedia Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Henrik Kjellberg  (President, Expedia Asia Pacific)

Jean-Pierre Remy (President, Egencia) NOTE: Egencia is what expedia corporate travel was before.

Eric Grosse (President, Hotwire Group)

Stephen Kaufer (President & CEO,

Sean D. Kell (Senior Vice President & General Manager,
Tim MacDonald (President, Classic Vacations)

Guangfu Cui (CEO, eLong, Inc.)


This list was obtained from ( on 31/10/2008 ). We are aware that some of these executives might be honest and has nothing to do with the EXPEDIA scam but this list is only informative of the full board of EXPEDIA,  a company that scam people.

If some of these executives want to contact us write to .



Will EXPEDIA reimburse my money if they fail to provide a service ?

NO. EXPEDIA only reimburse money when they are forced (e.g. by a credit card company)  to do that.




Will EXPEDIA compensate me for any extra expenses resulting from their mistake?

NO. EXPEDIA's policy is not to reimburse a penny for their own mistakes. Even if you show them evidence of their  mistakes.




Does EXPEDIA keep their promises?

NO. The “EXPEDIA PROMISE” is a joke. It is just a marketing tool to deceive people. Can you"Go with confidence" after reading how EXPEDIA is cheating travelers.

Read from the expedia oficial website how they lie to deceive customers at:




Did you see the Video from Atlanta Fox 5 at the beggining of this site? Did that family have in New York what they booked with Expedia? Read my case and convince yourself that EXPEDIA did not take any resonsibility for their mistake.

LIES LIES LIES LIES. Only scammers and thieves lie to get money from people.


12 Is EXPEDIA’s trip insurance worth?

NO. EXPEDIA will not honor it. They will ask you for anything to find an excuse to not honor what you paid for.









How can I reach EXPEDIA by phone?

EXPEDIA phone numbers are: 1-800-EXPEDIA (1-800-397-3342) or  1-404-728-8787.

Remember: they will lie to you. Besides the lies, they will put you on hold for hours, when they cannot solve your problem (or when they can feel you won't allow them to scam you) they will conveniently disconnect. Next time you call , you will have to repeat everything again to another representative (and wait on hold again).


When you call EXPEDIA ask for someone at the "Customer Advisory Department" . This is the highest level you can reach by phone. They will also do anything to scam you.

That was my experience with three of these EXPEDIA Specialist": (We don't know if they are still working for EXPEDIA or if these are just fake names they use).


Jill Knaack
Lead Specialist
Customer Advisory Department
Expedia, Inc.


DeAndra Naff
Lead Specialist
Customer Advisory Department
Expedia, Inc


Christina Hardy (Read details of how Christina Hardy handled my case)
Sr. Research Specialist
Customer Advisory Department
Expedia, Inc


All of them at some point had complete information about my case and they even acknowledged that EXPEDIA made a mistake

When they handled my case, they did anything to steal my money (1254,95 U$D). (for example,  it took more than once month to Cristina Hardy to respond a letter I sent requesting a refund). One of them gave me misleading information to (waste my time). When they figured out they couldn't scam me (because I gave them evidence that EXPEDIA's representative made the mistake) , they reimbursed me only 800 U$D (meaning they tried to keep in a fraudulent way 454.95 U$D).  I could get the rest of my money only when they were forced by VISA.


If  these EXPEDIA "Specialist" were honest, why VISA forced EXPEDIA to reimburse me the rest?. Since they all of them supported EXPEDIA's unethical business practice, they can be considered accomplices in the EXPEDIA scam.

Note: a letter was sent to expedia asking about this specific point. No response from any of EXPEDIA people.



Can I contact EXPEDIA by e-mail?

Yes. But never use their web based e-mail system (because you will not have copy of the message you sent to them). Use always a traditional e-mail account that allow you to have a copy of the message.

As you might observe, EXPEDIA is hidding e-mail addresses in their site. They want you to use their web based e-amil system instead of a traditional e-mail.


Use this adress:


If they don't answer you, you might try other Expedia's e-mail addresses and phone numbers:


Investor relations: Phone #: 425.679.3555. e-mail: Press Room Team: Phone: 425.679.4317. E-mail:



Are EXPEDIA’s representatives  honest and reliable?

NO. Some of them (All I talk to)  lie to their customers.




Are EXPEDIA’s supervisor honest and reliable?

NO. Some of them  (All I talk to) lie to their customers.




Are EXPEDIA’s “customer specialist”honest and  reliable?

NO. Some of them (All I talk to)  lie to their customers.




Are EXPEDIA’s responses by e-mail honest?     

NO. They use “canned” response to make people believe they are taking care of their customers. See several examples here: AUTOMATIC RESPONSES and TEMPLATES (Very funny)




How long does it take to get money back from EXPEDIA after they fail to provide a service?

3-6 Months in the best scenario.  But they usually reimburse a part of what you paid. They try to keep in a fraudulent way part of your money.




How EXPEDIA charge for their services?

If you use a credit card. EXPEDIA might charge your credit card in separate bills. If they have to reimburse you money they will give you only one part and they will try to keep the rest (example: ).




Is the EXPEDIA gas card a scam?

Apparently it is. There are people looking in Google using phrases like “expedia gas card scam” or "expedia unethical". If EXPEDIA does not cheat people why are people searching for these phrases in search engines?

Read these complaints as examples:


"Expedia advertised free gas cards with hotel reservations ya right Washington Internet" (from RipoffReport)




EXPEDIA CORPORATE TRAVEL is now EGENCIA. Apparently, expedia changed the name because they are so ashamed. Instead of using EXPEDIA CORPORATE TRAVEL they are using EGENCIA as an alternative (and to deceive people).

This means, if you use EGENCIA, you are dealing with a company owned by scammers.



Is EXPEDIA scamming/cheating people in other ways?

Apparently YES. According to several sources EXPEDIA cheats with taxes. Apparently EXPEDIA pays less taxes than they have to pay.  .If this is true, it means that EXPEDIA is cheating all taxpayers. Cities across the nation have also filed suit again Expedia and other hotel room aggregators to recover hotel taxes. The Superior Court Judge Doug Pullen ruled on September 22, 2008 that Expedia must start collecting local hotel-motel taxes based on what it charges customers for hotel rooms in Columbus, not the wholesale rate it originally paid for the rooms. Read the news from the Georgia Municipal Association and from her:  Georgia Wins Suit Against Expedia Over Lodging Taxes


It seems that EXPEDIA also cheated RyanAir and that is the reason RyanAir canceled a 5 years contract with EXPEDIA. (Click here to read what RyanAir said a bout this issue).

The conclusion: if EXPEDIA is able to cheat the biggest operator in Europe they can surely scam you.




I used EXPEDIA before with no problem. Are they going to cheat me next time?

Probably YES. Having a good experience before does not mean EXPEDIA won't cheat you.

 Read this example from someone that says was a "satisfied customer" and booked several times until he was double billed for a ticket (scammed?) and now is recommending people to avoid EXPEDIA


Another example is from someone that in the past was a  "Cheerleader" of EXPEDIA until she discover the truth about EXPEDIA



How can I avoid being cheated by EXPEDIA?

Simply don't use it. Try other online travel sites (they are risky too). Better, book directly with the airline or hotel or  use a real travel agent.




How can I help other people to avoid being scammed by EXPEDIA?

1) Alert all your friends and relatives about the EXPEDIA SCAM. Send them this link:

2) Join the BLACK RIBBON campaign

3) E-mail expedia ( and tell them that you have been visiting this site and you are now aware of their unethical business practice.

4) E-mail all EXPEDIA partners (see list in # 7) and examples of letter sent to some of them at: .  Ask them to consider not being part of the EXPEDIA SCAM

5) We recently posted a comment in a blog  with an article about scams tipping that EXPEDIA is also a scam. The owner of the blog had a link to EXPEDIA (probably he was trying to make a legitimate profit by advertising EXPEDIA in his blog ). After visiting he decided to stop advertising EXPEDIA.  At least there are good people out there  that don't want to be a facilitator of the scam "



How many people have been cheated/scammed by EXPEDIA? 

Apparently a lot. Read hundreds (maybe thousands) of complaints about expedia at:

There are also independent sites devoted to expose EXPEDIA unethical business practice: These sites have no relation with or and shows that other people are willing to alert people about how they feel expedia cheated them;


1) Expedia Issues A Closer Look at Customer Service Complaints (Article by  By Jennifer Hammitt (reproduced with      author's permission.



4) (devoted to

5) A pissed consumer wants to organize a class action against EXPEDIA: Read the article at (12-21-2007)



Are other international EXPEDIA sites reliable?

Apparently not. For example EXPEDIA.CA (Canada) has also an awful reputation ( is an independent,  devoted website to expose ). There are also complaints about EXPEDIA.ES (Spain). Read the Spanish version of to read complaints in Spanish.




How can I be sure that the information in this site about EXPEDIA is true?                                               

Ask EXPEDIA by yourself. Send them a link of this site and ask them to confirm or deny the information from this site.

Call or e-mail and ask them for the truth about this case :  (Case ID: [REQ:21826350]) that originated this website to alert other potential victims. I doubt EXPEDIA will ever answer you.

You can send this e-mail to EXPEDIA at: (Please, send a copy of the e-mail to to allow us to track hoe many people are looking for the truth):

Dear EXPEDIA representatives and Executives


     I would like to know your version about the  website. I Would like to know if it is true that you tried to scam the owner of that website. I visited and also read complaints from other customers that feel they have been scammed. I believe that a honest company should do something because it speaks very bad about your company and it makes me feel that I cannot trust your company for booking my trips.




(Please, send a copy of the e-mail to to allow us to track hoe many people are looking for the truth)



See examples of people (some of them are new victims of EXPEDIA) that sent this e-mail to EXPEDIA: Naomi





Can I sue EXPEDIA?

YES. But it is very tricky. They use the “governing law” to avoid being sued in small courts. According to the governing law (that you automatically agree when you buy something from EXPEDIA) you have to sue them in King County, Washington.

If you live for example in Florida that will cost you a lot of money.



Why EXPEDIA looks reliable?

They spend several millions of Dollars in advertisement. With that money, the media prefer get money from EXPEDIA by advertising instead of alert people about the scam.

Besides, some big newspapers are partnering with EXPEDIA, for example  according to , "the NY times that is one of the most well-known news sources available offline and online, attracting nearly 7.5 million people to its website in December 2006"  made a deal to make EXPEDIA the exclusive booking engine for the NY Times. It is clear that the NY times will not be be willing to write anything negative about EXPEDIA since they are making a big profit by partnering with a scammer (and becoming accomplices).



What is EXPEDIA’s future?

They will keep scamming people and pocketing money from unaware travelers until they are worldwide exposed . They have been doing this for several years. The travel market is so big that there are always people to scam. They can use other partners as puppets to increase their revenue. There are also many companies (hotels, car rental, affiliates) that want to make few bucks extra by signing a partnership with EXPEDIA. Poor guys, they don't know EXPEDIA can also scam them.


33 How can I recover my money after EXPEDIA failed to provide a service?

The best way to recover your money is through your credit card company (assuming you paid by CC).

1) Collect all the information (e-mails you sent to EXPEDIA and all the emails you received from them. They are usually lies and  "canned responses".

2) Contact the airlines, hotel, car rental company and get a response from them by e-mails. They might tell you that EXPEDIA never book anything for you.

3) Write a letter (by e-mail)  to your credit card company explaining your case, provide all the information you collected.

This strategy works: VISA helped me to recover 1254.95 U$D when EXPEDIA tried to scam me in 2005.

By recovering the money EXPEDIA tried to steal me my case was the most expensive 0.00 U$D EXPEDIA ever made.


34 Is EXPEDIA alone in this top scam? Are other people helping EXPEDIA? EXPEDIA is not alone. Apparently there are people helping EXPEDIA to scam people at different levels. We don't know whether  they are "good samaritans" helping EXPEDIA or if they are under EXPEDIA's payroll.

1) There are people deleting negative aspect of EXPEDIA in Wikipedia. Why people would do that if they are not working for EXPEDIA?

2) The media are reluctant to publish any negative story about EXPEDIA. With few exceptions like these:

  USAnews - Atlanta FOX 5 (the video at the top of this site)

3) There is a guy who call himself "ombudsman for National Geographic Traveler magazine" and writes articles in prestigious newspapers and websites. He claims  he is helping travelers in troubles. However, when he writes about people having troubles with EXPEDIA, in most cases EXPEDIA looks honest and reputable. For example, in his stories EXPEDIA reimburse money or compensate after the traveler had a trouble with EXPEDIA.

Overall, this look fishy:

A) If EXPEDIA is honest, why people need an "ombudsman" to recover money from EXPEDIA when a problem occur?

B) Apparently this "ombudsman" is the only person that EXPEDIA answer.

C) I wrote him several times to ask EXPEDIA about my case but for some reason he never did it. Is it because EXPEDIA will never compensate all the money I had lost when they tried to scam me?

Is it  this guy under EXPEDIA's payroll and he writes only stories that will make EXPEDIA look honest?

We sent a letter to the the National Geographic Traveler magazine with copy to him asking about the truth and to stop the impresonation of the "ombusdman". Read the letter here: http://www.victimsofexpedia,com/partners.htm


4) EXPEDIA is also partner with the NY times, The Cornell school of Hotel Administration and the United Nations. Maybe they signed the partnership without knowledge of the fact that EXPEDIA scam. They are aware now.  Read a letter sent tot them at http://www.victimsofexpedia,com/partners.htm.




Are EXPEDIA stocks a good investment?

I don't think so. I anticipated that EXPEDIA stocks will fall. I was right, Expedia's stocks are falling miserably. is it because people are realizing expedia is a huge scam?

EXPEDIA  and Investors should worry about their stocks since EXPEDIA cannot scam forever and their stocks will collapse. Besides, with EXPEDIA ethical business practice, investors might end up having nothing if they decide to follow ENRON's example.

Thanks to this site and other consumer sites,  thousands of people already know EXPEDIA is a scammer.


In addition, EXPEDIA stockholders's  reputation would, in time, get ruined. By trying to make some money investing in EXPEDIA they are linked to the scam. In the future, when the EXPEDIA scam surface worldwide, the will be known as "scam investors".



Why EXPEDIA does not sue the owner of ?

Because the owner of is a real victim of EXPEDIA’s unethical and criminal business practice. EXPEDIA will lose the case and it will be a bad publicity for them. EXPEDIA prefer to keep scamming other unaware travelers.

VictimsofExpedia has been online for almost three years , since EXPEDIA tried to scam the owner of that website, back in 2005.


View other documents about EXPEDIA I posted in scribd:



37 Should I be scared of EXPEDIA if I tell my friends about this site? NO. EXPEDIA is a confirmed scammer. They have chosen the criminal way of doing business and for that reason they have lost rights . They cannot sue or anyone else  for the simple reason that EXPEDIA commit a crime when they attempted to scam me. My case put EXPEDIA at the same level of any Nigerian scammer.


38 What about other travels sites like Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity? This table (from a couple of years ago) shows that other travel sites are also the subject of serious complaints:













Sitios dedicados












click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here


click here

click here

click here

click here

click here





click here

click here

click here

click here

click here




No reviews

 click here

click here

No reviews

click here

click here


No reviews

click here

click here

No reviews

click here

click here (actualmente inactivo)


No reviews

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here




click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here














39 How the EXPEDIA scam works?

 The mechanism of the scam is complex, involving poor customer support, lies, lies and lies,  ignoring customers complaints, use of "web based" e-mail system, use of "automated message", "fine prints" and "term and conditions" and "separate terms and conditions".

At a first glance there is nothing illegal but the way they use all that is to scam customers.  I will describe the scam using a "ficticious online travel site ( since I have evidence of some of the tricks EXPEDIA used when they tried to scam me but not evidence of other tricks EXPEDIA might had used to scam or try to scam others.

1)TRAVEL.SCAM will charge your credit card for whatever you book (hotel, flights, vacation package, trip insurance), then you are on your own. Is something happens, (canceled flights, loss of your ticket -even if they are responsible for the loss-) they don't take responsibility. So, far this is legal. Where is the scam? In some cases, TRAVEL.SCAM will fail to provide the service you paid for but they will do anything to keep the money they charged in your credit card. They use a lot of tricks to do that:

2) Poor customer support: This is very typical. There are plenty of examples of customers that try to contact the customer support team but are put on hold for hours before talking to a real person. Once you are able to talk to someone, you have to give him/her a number (itinerary or booking number) and explain you case. They will tell you that they are going to solve your problem and they are going to contact you. Most of the time they never call you (lies) you will have to call again. Again you will have to spend time giving your number (itinerary or booking number) and explain you case.

3) Travel scam uses a "web based" e-mail system. This sounds great, once you are logged in your account you just need to "click" a button and a new window appears showing a box where you can write to TRAVEL.SCAM. It looks very friendly, you don't need to type the e-mail address of the company, just write and submit your message. Where is the trick? You will not have a copy of the message you sent to them. Most of the time they will not answer you message (ignore customer) or will send you an "automated message" like this: " Dear TRAVEL.SCAM customer We have forwarded your request to the appropriate department and you will receive a response from that department within 72 hours. If you have further questions, feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact TRAVEL.scam customer services at 1-800- WHO CARE -and reference case ID . You can also visit the TRAVEL.SCAM "Customer Support" page for more customer service information. Thank you for choosing TRAVEL.SCAM Sydney TRAVEL.SCAM Cuustomer Support Team Of course, most of the time nobody will take care of your case and you will have to call again and send new e-mails. Where is the trick? If you use a "web based" e-mail system to send a message to TRAVEL.SCAM they will later deny that. You will not have any proof that you were trying to contact them. Never use "web based" e-mail system.

4) Fine prints. This is typical, completely legal but abusive.

5) Terms and conditions. Again completely legal but abusive. Where is the trick? One of the most tricky point is something like this (called "governing law") : "This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Alaska , USA (for TRAVEL.SCAM). You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Spring County, Alaska , USA, in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this Web site". This means that if you want to dispute your case against TRAVEL.SCAM in a court room you have to do it in Alaska. If you live in NY it will be pretty expensive to do that. In most of the cases, you will decline and travel.SCAM will your money (in a tricky or fraudulent way).

All these tricks give online travel agencies the freedom to lie and scam people. They have the freedom to deny a service you paid for, they have the freedom to give you a room completely different from what you booked. They have the freedom to lose your ticket or not to arrange your trip. They will simply blame the hotel, the airline or someone else. They have to freedom to charge your credit card with fees. Believe me, they are using them. Even if you have proof that TRAVEL.SCAM failed to provide the service they will deny and try to keep your money unless you sue them in Alaska If you bought a "trip insurance" and you want to cancel your trip they will tell you that your insurance does not cover that. Even if they told you before by phone that it will. But you didn't read the "fine prints" (more lies and "fine prints". Even if you are right they will tell you the opposite. In this example, the TRAVEL.SCAM makes money by selling "trip insurances" that are useless because they will refuse to honor (even if you are right). Again, if you want to dispute in a court room be prepared to travel to Alaska (abusive "terms and conditions"). By using all these tricks they can charge "fees" for whatever they want, then is going to be difficult for you to recover the money they charged in your credit card. You will have to provide proof to your credit card company that it was TRAVEL.SCAM 's fault and not yours to be reimbursed. In summary, TRAVEL.SCAM makes money in a legitimate way (as expected if you are lucky) and in a fraudulent way (by not providing the service you paid for) and by using all the tricks mentioned above to keep your money.

If you have other question(s), feel free to contact me at :


40 Google Buying EXPEDIA?

Is google interested in buying EXPEDIA?

Option 1: Someone probably started a rumor of Google buying EXPEDIA to make some bucks with the increase in the stocks. It is not the first time we hear those rumors. Why Google would be interested in buying a company that scam travelers ? Does Google want to ruin their reputation by dealing with scamers?
Google can buy any other company or create one much better from scratch.

Option 2: Google would buy EXPEDIA for pennies because EXPEDIA is not worth more than that because of the awful reputation they have (search for EXPEDIA complaints in Google or Yahoo). We just hope Google don’t follow the current policy of EXPEDIA to scam people or we will be doomed

Option 3 : Someone drunk to much on St. Patrick’s Day and tried to make a joke for April’s Fools day 

Any other possibilities?



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